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August 26, 2022

Webvizio alternative for markup.io

Webvizio alternative

Webvizio brings to web developers an alternative to the Markup.io tool, with many assertive features. It is a free feedback tool for web pages, it even has a review software for web portals so that review efforts can be carried out in real time by your team or by the manager himself.

What is Webvizio?

It is a tool that manages and plans projects with problem audits and with the issuance of reports and statuses. It is important to mention that the development of web portals is sometimes tedious if you work with many people in a messy way, but this tool came to make things easier for both the manager and the team. Webvizio implies having a good interrelation between teams, managers, clients, based on visual comments to work together and smoothly.

How the Webvizio platform works?

There are multiple tools and channels that make website development sometimes very difficult. Webvizio allows the easiest web collaboration, in it you could add activities or tasks for the team you manage, just add links to pages that are even being developed. You will also be able to click on the tabs or elements to add a specific task and if there are any errors you will have the option to report them. In the event that you assign activities or tasks, it is very sure that you want to add attachments, this is possible thanks to the versatility of this online web tool.

Even collaboration between team and manager is a fact if it is managed in real time. It is also possible to prioritize tasks and tag users and make comments on them. With Webvizio you will be able to create several websites in the same project, so that its interface is more manageable.

More features that Webvizio brings

  • Timely monitoring of all tasks can be carried out.
  • Once you or your team finish a task, move it to the tab labeled 'Done'.
  • Leave comments and access different types of screen desktops.
  • Handles multiple clients and projects without any inconvenience.
  • Trade multiple accounts without leaving the main dashboard.
  • Allows transparency and visibility of all your projects with the comprehensive productivity reporting tool.
  • It is compatible with different scheduler and productivity software.
  • Any necessary comments may be sent from a centralized location.

Webvizio is a cloud-based platform and is available in at least 50 countries such as Austria, Albania, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, France, Estonia, Finland, UK, and all European Union countries, as well as the US.

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