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August 31, 2022

KonnectzIT to connect everything in one place


Task work can be more fluid if it is automated and an online tool that makes it possible is KonnectzIT. It is possible to save time that can be used to do other tasks after the data is synchronized.

It is one of the tools used by developers, marketers and users in general to connect different applications. In other words, it allows the integration of other business management platforms into one and that is positive for your company or SME.

It is one of the most assertive options to prevent the use of different applications and thus be able to perform various tasks.

In this post you will know how to automate the workflow using the KonnectzIT tool and learn about some of its features.

What is KonnectzIT?

It is an alternative of joint connection of applications to automate tasks in minutes. If several apps are connected, the platform will show which ones are active and which ones are not, with this platform it is possible to connect applications with each other. In your control panel you will also see the most recent apps that have been integrated, in order to establish a connection with each other, at the top these applications are usually shown, while at the bottom of the panel you can see how many tasks you have used and how many are still available.

KonnectzIT Control Panel

In said control panel it is possible to carry out a continuous monitoring of active and inactive connections. It has a library in the upper central part, where you can see the applications and the tasks or workflows that you have created. But how to create a workflow? It's very easy, just connect the apps that are authorized and then connect the corresponding fields and in just milliseconds a communication between those apps will start.

Here is an initial guide for you to create a workflow and apply it in your applications. An example to follow is the following:

  1. Give your KonnectzIT a name.
  2. For example, connect your Facebook social network with Google Docs., or Google Sheets.
  3. Select the apps you want to link by dragging and dropping them into the workspace.
  4. Customize the attributes, then choose the event and trigger action.
  5. Now drag fields you want to link from one app to the field you want from the other app. For example, the phone number, name and email of a potential client.
  6. In the 'Test and Review' tab you click and the test or demonstration of KonnectzIT will start in real time.
  7. Next, the verification will be done quickly in the Google spreadsheet.

This is referred to as a simple workflow example, and you can go further by building multiple automations. It is an excellent tool that will help you solve specific needs, it is like a kind of virtual secretary.

Now compare the above example to others where there are multiple automations running in the background. Visually it will be possible to observe which are the tasks that are being executed and how they manage each other.

Other functions and tabs of KonnectzIT

A very frequented tab by its users is the 'Task History', where you can see the tasks that each automation consumes. For example, you can see data that is managed in the account such as language, time zone, name, among other relevant data.

The platform has a tab for answering frequently asked questions, tutorials, and live chat. The help center of this platform will clear you of any doubts you may have about something new. Anyway, if you want to make your life easier, then it's time for you to use KonnectzIT. The objective is saving time, which is usually effective with the automation of the applications you use with a response time that will leave you surprised as it is very fast, it can execute more than 4,000 tasks per month, since it is based on API, that is to say that multiple applications are connected.

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