Big Divi Icon Update

A few days ago the new update of Big Divi Icon arrived, which brings important changes and novelties that are highly desired by all users, with it the icon options of Divi Themes are expanded. Also, it provides hundreds of new icons to choose from, it makes it easier for you to find those icons of your choice by improving the builder selector.

The new version of Big Divi Icon adds new features such as a new icon module with new options to several existing modules, which will give you control over the icons used in each one to improve your user experience.

Here you will find in more detail the news of Big Divi Icon:

You'll be able to choose from hundreds of new icons.

A set of FontAwesome icons were integrated along with the native Divi icons, you can filter them and the FontAwesome icon file will be loaded only if you use their icons, so it will not affect the performance of your website. Also, Divi will only load the necessary CSS to design your website based on the modules you use.

It features a new and improved icon picker for easy navigation.

New Divi icon module.

With the new module you will be able to easily add icons to your page without having to pair them. It comes with all the settings you already know, which means it's fully customizable. Also, new options have been added to the modules that will allow you to change the icon, including its appearance.

36 new social networks.

It comes with the whole set of social media icons and added 36 new networks to choose from. Also, you can quickly create social buttons.

With the new update of Big Divi Icon the new Divi icon options are available, with them you will save a lot of time, especially with the search and filter option, so try them out and immerse yourself in this great experience that only Divi can give you.

Finally, what do you think of this update?

¿What is Schema and how to implement it in WordPress ?

In programming vocabulary, there is a lot of talk about structured data or Schema, but you will surely ask yourself, what is Schema and how to implement it in WordPress? The structured data of a website (Schema) makes it easier for search engines to read the website, one of them is Google, to show more effective results to users who are looking for certain information.

To understand this, it is important to know that the largest search engines, such as: Google, Yahoo and Bing, joined with the aim of creating a universal markup language to improve the visibility of web pages and if you know anything about SEO or HTML You will realize that including Schema or structured data in your SEO strategy means taking a step further in the positioning of your website.

In this article we will see what Schema is and what it is for, we will also tell you how to implement it in WordPress and get the most out of it.

¿What is Schema?

As previously mentioned, it is a structured data markup language created specifically to unify the way of tagging the content data of websites and enrich the information of its content, with these tags the web pages will be more attractive to search engines , classifying them faster to later be shown to users.

With Schema your web page will be more relevant, it will improve the user experience and it will have better visibility and positioning.

Types of schemes (Schema) that are not penalized.

How to implement Schema in WordPress?

There are two ways to implement Schema in WordPress, I will explain to you with the Schema & Structure Data for WP & AMP plugin, since it is the most practical and simple way, ideal for those users who do not have knowledge in web programming, it works with any scheme and it can be integrated with the Yoast SEO plugin without problems.

First, you have to install it, for that you must go to plugin and then “add new”, search for “Schema”, install it and activate it.

You will now have a menu called “Structured data” click there to start adding the structured data.

The “Add Schema type” button will open a step-by-step screen with which you can configure the structured data.

Then select the type of structured data you want to add.

As I mentioned before, there are many types of structured data, but you must be very careful, because some are penalized, you can go back to the top and review which are the most used and which are not penalized.

Once you choose the one you want to add, you must select where you want to add it and the type of content to which you want to add the structured data.

With this modality you will not have to worry about manually filling in the structured data fields, since the plugin will take care of it automatically.

The second way to do it is to add them manually, this way you will need more knowledge in code, but the advantage is that you can do it on each page or post you make.

One of the most practical and easy ways to do it is to use JSON-LD, it is also the most used by SEO experts, since while the others have to be written inside the HTML file that frames the words, this one can be written and uploaded separately and Google will understand that the code refers to the whole page. It can be placed directly in the <head> tag and uses the @context and @type attributes to specify the vocabulary.

In conclusion, it is important that you value implementing this Schema labeling in your SEO strategy, it will help you with the positioning and visibility of your website if everything is favorable and you do it correctly.

As you can see, implementing Schema today is essential to help Google crawl your web page and thus appear in its search results.

So go ahead and implement Schema, Google will reward you.

WordPress black friday deals 2022

It's the most wonderful time of the year because with it comes the best deals on WordPress plugins and products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If many times you have doubts about whether to buy a plugin or a WordPress theme and you don't do it because you see it a bit expensive... this is your moment! The next days from November 26 are the best dates to buy and for this we have proposed to create a summary of the best plugins and favorite products of WordPress web developers, that if you plan your purchases well you can get everything you need for your web project for very little or update the resources you use every day as a designer.

Now, let us have a look at the list mentioned below:

Black friday offers of addons for Elementor.


It is currently one of the most complete addons on the market, you will find a set of tools that go much further than a simple extension. Apart from the extensions, it includes a WordPress theme, free professional images and a multitude of templates to install and use on your websites. Crocoblock contains plugins that provide exceptional widgets for Elementor.

Plugins incluidos:

Powerpack elementor

It has a wide range of widgets that you can use on your website with a special focus on user experience, creativity, and flexibility to create beautiful and personalized websites. Among its more than 60 widgets you can find timelines, advanced post carousels, style generators for all kinds of form plugins (wpforms, gravity form), instagram feeds, team carousel, etc.

Exclusive addons

Far ahead of others with customizable options, top ratings with a super friendly support team makes Exclusive addons one of the best.

It provides the ability to create a sophisticated website experience with 85+ widgets, 14+ unique templates, 700+ pre-made blocks, a free icon library, and highly customizable creative extensions.

Also, you will be able to expand your online store with widgets like Woo Product, Woo Cart, Woo Mini Cart, Woo Category, Woo Checkout and more.

Exclusive addons is ideal for almost everyone who builds websites with Elementor.

Essential addons for elementor

It is a widget plugin to design web pages through the visual layout designer Elementor. It is one of the first and most popular addons for Elementor Page Builder, with more than 60 widgets, between free and pro that will take your website to another level. Essential Addons for Elementor does not need Elementor Pro to work, it can be used with the free version of Elementor.

It contains more than 100 blocks ready to use in the form of templates and pre-designed sections.

It has a rich set of elements like info box, flip box, image accordion, countdown, advanced accordion, advanced tabs, post grid, post list, WooCommerce product grid, pricing table, call to action and filterable gallery. You can customize each element the way you want.

In addition, it includes widgets like, lightbox and modal window, interactive promo, interactive cards, one page navigation, image comparison, content switcher, protected content, testimonial carousel, logo carousel, advanced google map, input block, feed of Instagram, parallax effects, particle effects, advanced popup text and image hotspots. Each widget includes lots of customization options.


With ElementsKit all-in-one plugin for Elementor, each widget and extension can be customized, enabled and disabled, you can also reduce additional loading time on your WordPress websites. Contains 85+ powerful widgets and extensions, 25+ full homepages, 500+ web blocks in design library. You will be able to create mega menu content with unlimited possibilities, footer and custom header with ease.

Also, it has custom controls like widget area and image picker that can be used in any theme.

It has multiple widgets designed to be used inside another widget without any problem.

With elementkits it is very easy to create complex creative website designs in minutes.

Piotnet grid

Piotnet Grid is a new plugin that helps you create content grids and carousels, just like on a store, blog, or archive page.

There are many layout and styling options, as well as the ability to work with dynamic data, making it a sophisticated solution.

Piotnet has two very popular plugins: Piotnet Forms and Piotnet Forms Review.

It is a tool that can be used to design cards, build grids, and add facets, filters, sorting, and pagination.

This is definitely a plugin you'll want to use and if you need a grid builder with easy to implement front end filters then Piotnet's Grid Builder is a good option.

Ultimate element

It is the most popular and unique Elementor addon. It's a growing library of creative and unique Elementor widgets that open up a whole new range of design possibilities for you.

It contains more than 40 widgets and extensions that takes your design skills to a whole new level. It features over 100 highly customizable pre-built website templates that will speed up your workflow. The pre-designed section blocks are easily dragged, dropped and customized, so it only takes a few clicks to get a great design. You will be able to copy and paste sections, pages and widgets from one domain to another.

Ultimate Addons modular architecture gives you control to turn widgets on and off as required, keeping it light and fast.

Ofertas black friday de wordpress builders.

Divi theme

Divi is a mega WordPress template that allows you to design anything you can imagine, it is one of the most used themes in the world. With Divi it ​​is not necessary to convert to html, layout in PSD, or integrate the WordPress code, since it includes a Drag & Drop visual builder that allows you to add any element by dragging and dropping where you want, you can also design with the visual builder in case you create boxes or blocks is complicated.

It has different predesigned structures available to choose from, it is very easy to use, it is available in 32 languages, it has more than 46 elements of the Divi template and builder, you can make some elements be seen only on one type of device and not on the rest. . It is not necessary to have knowledge of CSS and HTML, but for professionals you can customize them, those designs that you like the most can be saved in the library so that you can reuse them, it allows you to design the WooCommerce Product page directly with Divi.

With the Divi license you have access to its 3 powerful plugins: Monarch (integrate social network buttons on your website), Bloom (integrate subscription forms that allow you to capture more visitors or leads) and Divi Builder (integrate the Divi Builder in websites that are using a template other than Divi).

With Divi it ​​will now be possible to make incredible designs without having any kind of knowledge.

Oxygen builder

It is a tool that allows you to create websites with WordPress, since it allows you to act on all the elements of your content, from the header to the body of the page, passing through the footer.

The difference between Divi and Elementor is that it does not use a theme, it is also very light, fast and efficient. Oxygen Builder disables all WordPress features and loads only those of Oxygen Builder, avoiding loading unnecessary code or things you don't need. It works with the Drag and Drop system and can be a bit more difficult to use than other web builders, especially at the beginning, since it requires more knowledge of code to get the most out of the widgets.

It contains a structure panel that provides an overview of your page, that is, of the different sections that make it up. There is no need to create columns to align elements horizontally within the container, you can change the spacing between elements in your container manually, by stretching them, without having to enter margin and padding values.

With Oxygen there is no need to edit each element one by one, even if they have the same class, it allows you to create your own template, it has a WooCommerce page builder and the Gutenberg block builder.

Bricks builder

It is a complete visual site builder that uses WordPress. it is built inside the Bricks theme, so you don't have to install any plugins along with it. Compared to other page builders, it is quite fast and performs well in speed tests. Bricks Builder offers a range of features:

  • Built-in templates for pages, header, footer, 404, blogs and more.
  • Ability to save your design as a custom template.
  • Single header/footer generator.
  • Full site responsive editing.
  • Convert Gutenberg blocks to bricks or vice versa.
  • Dynamic data support.
  • Automatic saving of changes every 60 seconds (customizable).
  • Custom font support.
  • Control builder access based on user roles.
  • Dark / light mode.
  • Ability to use page-specific custom CSS/JavaScript.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.
  • Supports RTL languages.

Brizy builder

brizy black friday 2021

Brizy builder is relatively new, but with very interesting features. You will be able to do clean and minimalist work. Instead of showing a large number of options, only those necessary to perform a task are shown. A very successful feature to save you a lot of time is the global CSS styles that serve to speed up the change of styles to several elements at the same time. The visual editor is flexible and customizable to your idea and needs. You can customize the images by adjusting the size and zoom in real time, also choose a different image depending on the device.

Like most editors, it uses the system of dragging and dropping elements to move them to the position you want, in addition to having more than 150 pre-built elements that can be transformed into whatever you want without finding what you want among them.

It includes 4,000 icons, but it does not have icons for social networks, however, there is enough variety to choose the one that works for you among those 4,000 icons.

The Brizy Cloud is mainly oriented to the creation of landing web pages, better known as landing pages. You will be able to customize fonts and finally, it is possible to add shadows, gradients and text masks.

Although it is a fairly new product, it is a very interesting page builder for WordPress and one of the easiest to use.


elementor black friday 2021

It is a plugin to create websites in the most simplified and fastest way possible without touching a programming line. It replaces the basic WordPress editor with a drag and drop editor of text boxes, titles, images and content blocks that you can select from hundreds of options. Its interface is friendly and very intuitive, so the learning curve is really short and it will only take you a few minutes to master it.

Elementor is compatible with most WordPress themes, as well as having a collection of themes that you can use in any project, however, the free version has a small selection, but it can still be very useful. Also, it allows you to save blocks and widgets designed by you so that you can reuse them on other pages.

The tool offers more than 80 creation elements. Among the main details that you can change are text fonts, background planes, images, buttons and icons, and effects. Front-end changes can be seen in real time, so you can quickly develop your project.

It includes dozens of useful widgets, an amazingly designed library of templates, a unique mobile editing toolset, and a visual revision history feature, where you can go back to a previous state should you want to.

It has integration with other plugins and tools such as:

  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast
  • ACF
  • Toolset
  • PODS
  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • GetResponse
  • MailerLite

Due to its ease of use, speed when designing, saving sections as pages or templates, and many more options, make Elementor a great tool for designing websites.

Themify builder

themify builder black friday 2021

It is the most powerful and easy to use page designer and builder for WordPress. Like other builders, it has a drag and drop system, and changes can be seen in real time, however, it does not have a working back-end mode, you can only create the pages in the front-end mode.

It is integrated with all Themify themes, but you can use it with other themes as well. No coding experience necessary.

It has 23 different modules that you can add to your pages or posts, like, text, video, accordion, gallery, posts, widgets, menus, buttons, sliders, maps, icons, functions, etc. But with the annual subscription you can add more modules; these addons include statistics bars, counters, countdown, contact forms, among other modules.

You will be able to change the display from one device to another, being able to modify the options independently for each of them, so that the page looks just as good on both computers and mobiles, in addition to eliminating elements in the mobile version to improve the user experience . You have the option to save your designs as templates to be reused in other projects. In addition, it has more than 60 pre-designed templates.

If you are looking for a theme for your website that is easy to use and 100% customizable, Themify can perfectly fit what you are looking for.

Zion builder

Zion Builder black friday 2021

It is a WordPress plugin that works as a home page builder, you can customize your pages and blogs. It is a new WordPress Page Builder plugin created with only one thing in mind: speed! both on the front-end and the back-end. It has a free and PRO version with more options to design. Zion combines great web designs with ease of use to give its users maximum flexibility and great page building options.

Simplifies adding custom fonts and importing custom icon packs to your website. Allows you to create unlimited headers and footers. Replace static content with dynamic content. With the visual builder's custom CSS, it allows you to modify the style of the elements on your pages.

Just like the leading builders, Zion offers a theme builder and WooCommerce in its PRO version. The Zion builder's real-time responsive editing feature allows users to choose the correct colors and sizes and adjust the position of elements. In addition, it allows you to choose and edit colors globally.

This page builder is evolving over time and is bringing new improvements and features that make website creation even easier.

Pagelayer builder

PageLayer is a page builder that helps improve the design of WordPress themes. There are many pluginbuilders for WordPress and PageLayer is one of them quite popular, with more than 200 thousand active installations. It is very easy to use and very light on the browser. Works with any WordPress theme. Design your page by dragging widgets from given widget options, and like other builders you will be able to make changes in real time. You can start designing from scratch or using a predefined template. Allows you to edit the typography and add Google fonts. It has a large number of styling options and each widget is easily customizable.

WordPress plugin black friday deals

Fluent forms

It is the form builder for beginners. It has more than 20,000 active installations and very good ratings in the WordPress repository. No coding is required and you will be able to create forms with the drag and drop builder, it also has more than 60 pre-designed templates and it will display all your forms perfectly in various screen sizes. It allows email subscriptions and payment in the form without the need for other plugins.

It has basic spam protection, it's lightweight, good customization of mail notifications, you can generate a pdf with the form data and attach it, it allows users to draw their signature with their finger and thus sign by hand and it can be displayed forms only certain times and not others.

Backup guard

It is the most complete WordPress backup plugin. You can backup, migrate for WordPress based blogs or websites and restore your WordPress files, database or both. With its PRO version you will be able to configure automatic site backups, customize the name of the backup, migrate the site from one domain to another, upload to Dropbox, G Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive and SFTP / FTP, receive an alert to back up the website before upgrading, the backup data is automatically protected in a cloud, it works in low memory and shared hosting environments and no additional libraries are required.


It is a set of sophisticated plugins designed for your website or online store which will grow your WordPress business faster.

WhatsApp Chat is an excellent and great tool to improve your customer service. Allow your users to start a conversation from your website directly to your WhatsApp phone number with a single click.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout is the perfect tool to simplify the checkout page and increase your conversions. This avoids going to the cart page and redirects your customers directly to checkout.

Instagram Feed allows you to display images from your Instagram account on your site as a gallery or carousel slider.

QuadMenu is the best and most powerful WordPress mega menu plugin.

With these tools you can have an outstanding, elegant and modern website.


It is a popular best-selling WordPress table plugin. It is very useful that allows you to quickly create customizable WordPress tables, from choosing the color palette to inserting elements such as your company logo, without any coding and from different sources such as: Excel, CSV, JSON, etc. XML, Serialized PHP Array. It only takes 3 simple steps, provide the table data or source, customize it and easily insert it into any post or page via the standard WP editor or Visual Composer.

Your WordPress tables will be 100% functional and will look great on all screens and devices. You will be able to create individual filters that will help you narrow down the search results in the table quickly and easily and highlight the rows, columns, cells of your tables.

WpDataTables is the best option for you if you want to create a table and charts for your WordPress website by uploading a file or using a MySQL database.


Organize and control everything with Wppacks. Make your business stand out, manage your projects and clients from your branded dashboard using the WordPress portal. Give access to your team, assign tasks, set the due date for this task, the task board helps you know the status of all project tasks at a glance, open discussions and upload files.

I hope you find this list of WordPress plugins and products that will be available at great discounts during Black Fryday and Cyber Monday.